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CampX is a cutting-edge robust digital campus automation management platform designed to revolutionize the way you manage and operate your higher education institution

Empowering Productivity and Efficiency

CampX simplifies tasks, enhances study sessions, eliminates errors, and improves work, communication, and collaboration. Experience the transformative power of CampX to drive efficiency and achieve excellence in education.

Extensive Cloud Architecture

CampX leverages the latest cloud-based technologies to ensure secure storage, robust data protection, and real-time analytics.

Integrated Digital Ecosystem

CampX creates an integrated digital ecosystem, by streamlining processes and student lifecycle with seamless connectivity.

Enhanced Data Security

CampX robust data security measures are designed to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats.

Intuitive User Experience

CampX ensures a seamless and intuitive user journey, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing productivity.

2020 23.5

The thrust of technological interventions will be the purpose of improving teaching-learning and evaluation processes, supporting teacher preparation and professional development, enhancing educational access, and streamlining educational planning and management including processes related to admissions, attendance, examinations, placements, etc.

Campus Automation & Management Platforms

CampX is a user-friendly platform designed for higher education institutions in India. With automation and advanced technology, our platform enables you to prioritize student learning and drive institutional success. Experience the power of CampX today and simplify your educational journey.

Campus Automation Management Platform - Simplify Your Campus Operations with CampX

CampX Square
A central hub for all the CampX modules providing a single point of control for your entire institution.
  • Campus feed - News, notifications, awards & more
  • Daily schedule - Classes, assignment due dates, exams
  • Online payments - Tuition, exam & transport fee payments
  • Student dashboard - Daily attendance, exam results, etc.
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Streamlines the admission process, from lead capture to enrolment – increases efficiency and student outcomes.
  • Fee structures and assignment
  • Application tracking system for students
  • Leads - Lead generation and management
  • Application builder and admission management
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Access safe and secure real-time tracking, automated reminders, and customizable reports for all the finances.
  • Fee configuration - Scholarships, fee structures, etc.
  • Multiple fee collection - Admission, tuition, exam, etc.
  • Student notifications - Automated fee reminders to parents
  • Online payment gateway integration - SBI, HDFC, ICICI, etc.
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Manages all aspects of the examination process, including paper setting, digital evaluation, and results management.
  • Exam notifications - Internal & external exams timetable
  • Exam administration - Seating arrangement, invigilation
  • Digital evaluation - On-screen marking & evaluation
  • Exam management - Bundling & evaluator assignment
  • Results generation - Moderation, grafting & CGPA
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A robust solution to manage all aspects of human resources, such as employee profiles, payroll management, etc.
  • Employee information portal
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Employee leave tracking and payroll generation
  • Requests and approvals - Leaves, expenses, etc.
  • Organisation setup - Leave policies, expenses, groups
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A super flexible learning management system for teachers to create & manage activities, assessments, etc.
  • Manage questions with differing levels of taxonomy
  • E-Learning platform - Future-ready course & curriculum
  • OBE Reports - Define outcomes, track student performance
  • Implementation of activity-based learning and grading system
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This module swiftly manages all aspects of the student housing on campus, such as room allotment, check-in, check-out, etc.
  • Managing the attendance of hostel residents
  • Allotting rooms to students through a smart system
  • Employing facial recognition for multiple entries/exits
  • Hostel configuration - Room classifications, fee structure
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This module ensures the safe transport of students with features such as bus tracking with GPRS, routes, schedules, etc.
  • Planning, configuring and scheduling routes
  • Real-time notifications to parents and students
  • Allocating seats and setting up a schedule for buses
  • Assigning buses and monitoring their location using GPRS
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Unleashing the power of Data Analytics

CampX empowers higher education institutions with data-driven insights for informed decision-making and institutional growth. Experience the transformative impact of data analytics as CampX revolutionizes the way institutions leverage information for excellence.

Revolutionizing Campus Operations with CampX

Get ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled efficiency and innovation with CampX. Our groundbreaking AI-powered ecosystem is meticulously designed to revolutionize the way you communicate and collaborate within your college.

College Administration
College Administration


decrease in time spent on streamlining admissions and examinations


growth in shared resources, collaboration among students and faculty.


increase in active participation by students in events and clubs


decrease in the time taken to access accurate data and generate reports


Step into the future of campus management with our innovative IoT-based solutions that brings real-time monitoring and automation to various operations. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace the power of technology as your campus transforms into a smart, connected ecosystem

Facial Recognition

RF ID Cards

GPS Tracking

Smart Security

Campus Connect: Empowering Students and Faculty

Experience the power of connectivity and collaboration by empowering educators to create an interactive and engaging learning experience, ensuring student success and academic growth through our state-of-the-art student and faculty mobile applications for your institution.

Campus Connect

CampX: Empowering Every Higher Education Campus in India

CampX is the ultimate solution designed to cater to the unique needs of higher education campuses across India. We empower colleges and universities to transform their operations, enhance student engagement, and foster a thriving learning environment.

Higher Education Universities

Higher Education Universities

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Autonomous Engineering Colleges

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Affiliated Engineering Colleges

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Law Colleges

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Hotel Management Colleges

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Powering the Digital Transformation of Leading Higher Education Institutions

Join the growing community of higher education institutions that have discovered the transformative power of CampX. Experience a digital campus where operations run smoothly, management becomes effortless, and processes become streamlined. Unleash the X-Factor of CampX and unlock the true potential of your institution’s success.

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